Batman Movies In Order

Batman Movies In Order

What is the history of Batman movies?

For starters, there is only one movie in this sequel (which is smooth). Christopher Nolens' films (Batman Base and Dark HT) have nothing to do with the previous series. With that in mind, the following is a sequel to Batman's live action movies (including both series).

1) The Batman Series (1943) is meaningless.

2) Batman and Ron (1947) made a series of mind control devices that are known only as assistants. It can be seen as a continuation of the former, but it has nothing to do with it.

3) Batman the Movie (1966), based on the version of the feature film Adam West. It was supposed to be a TV series, but auction problems came up later. The four villains in the film (who became record-breaking superheroes, as far as I know) are Kate Woman, Joker, Penguin and Redler, who try to take over the world by taking their leaders on stage.

4) Batman The Motion Picture (1989) is the first modern Batman movie, the main villain is the Joker (played by Jack Nicholson, as you know for sure). It was also Ron's first Batman movie, and the Joker gave him a taste of Gautam.

5) Batman Returns (1992) was Burton's last film (and for good reason). Penguins and cats are females. Penguin tries to dominate Gautam and Kate Woman tries ... I don't know (seriously, I've seen this movie nine times and I still don't know what Kate Woman wants). Due to the poor ratio, Max has a role to play.

6) Rudler and Two Face are trying to steal Gautam from Batman Worm (1995). While Batman staggers, they try to catch him (* breath *). This is the first time Ron has appeared in a Batman movie in almost thirty years

7) Batman and Ron (1997) is not a remake of O'Reilly, but is actually the last film in the Burton / Schumacher series. Frozen and Poison Ivy attempts to freeze the planet (in one Batman episode: animated series lead Deep Freeze is stolen, although Ivy is missing in the episode)

8) Batman Base (2005) Nolan's first film. If you're worried about losing information about Dark HT ...

(a) This is the only Batman movie you should watch. The previous series ended with criticism and public praise for Batman and Ron. None of this applies to TDK, just this movie.

(b) You don't have to worry. I've seen them both (twenty-six times, TD's once in theaters), and I can tell from the beginning that what you need is clear from the first minute (Rachel knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman, he's off the record. Before the frightened people could run to the base, they lost Gautam's territory called Narrow, Ras Al Ghol trains Batman, the Jokers are villains in TDK)

The only other Batman movie (live action) is Dark HT, which is amazing!

DC useless !!!

I want to see all the Batman movies in the right timeline of the story. At first it was clear that this would be "Batman Base", where Bruce Wayne decided to compete with Batman's old personality. Is this "dark sour"?

There is a movie with Ron and a movie with Ron, so I have to admit that meeting the couple will be an important moment.

However, that doesn't make sense. Ron movies sometimes seem to be based on Ron stories. The filmmakers did not follow any logic.

Personally, I don't think any Batman movie without Ron is blasphemous.

Batman movies in the right order.

Batman Movies In Order

Batman Movies In Order

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What is the history of Batman movies?

I want to see Dark KHT but I want to keep it up to date. I have to sort by plot / story.

You missed the point. The actor who played the role of Batman did not say where the film fits into the story of Batman. This is to say that Daniel Craig 007 has nothing to do with Sean Connery 007. This is ridiculous.

Then ...

1. This is definitely Batman Base.

As far as others are concerned, I agree with one of their comments ... Ron ... published later. Apparently, Batman worked alone for a while. So everyone should be behind things with Ron. However, they do not make it easy for themselves because some have and some have.

I haven't seen 2 Dark HT movies so I can't put them all on one coupon yet ... but ... at least we know that Ron is a Beat Girl. :)

For this Batman movie franchise, Batman Base is just the second movie. Recent moves, Batman, Batman returns, etc ... are not part of the Christian Bell franchise like Batman.

Actually rb dc is correct, if you want to see the actual date and not just dark kht trio then dc is 100% correct. If you are looking for only one trinity, this is Batman bes dark kht, then come to dark kht.

This page offers a good overview of The Dark HT's location.

Batman Movies In Order