Bathtub curve

Bathtub curve,

Definition of Bathtub curve:

  1. A form of the hazard function used in reliability testing that captures three phases of failure rates that are observed in some products. The bathtub curve captures a higher but decreasing rate of failure at the beginning of the product lifetime, due to manufacturing defects, a lower failure rate throughout most of the usable lifetime of the product, and an increasing failure rate toward the end of the usable lifetime.

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Bathtub Curve,

What is The Meaning of Bathtub Curve?

You can define Bathtub Curve as, A U-shaped graph, often horizontally elongated, resembling gutters, beginning or ending with the life cycle or life cycle or period with very little effect (right, left and far right of the graph) events or Shows height measures. A certain period. Relatively long intermediate time (graphs), for example, when a product is measured for technical errors over time, with an error rate at the beginning of development, which is the rate of error due to errors. Reduces The rate of failure at the end of the product's life due to natural wear, component cuts and construction is again rare, with injury. For example, the curve region of the bath can also be seen as a graph of the American shape, for example, the nature of the recession that covers a long period at its lowest point, the recession of the United States. ۔ See also bell curve below.

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Meanings of Bathtub:
  1. A bathtub that is usually installed in the bathroom and can be used for bathing.

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  1. This room features a Hollywood Art Deco theme and has a large area and a large marble bathroom with separate bathroom and shower.

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tub, bathtub, hot tub


Meanings of Curve:
  1. A line or contour that gradually deviates from a straight line in part or all its length.

  2. Turn or draw.

Sentences of Curve
  1. The parapet landed with a thick curve

  2. A smile appeared on his face

Synonyms of Curve

loop, bow, curve, curl, twist, arch, turn, spiral, meander, coil, bend, snake, wind, undulate