Definition of Batch:

  1. Collection of data or items treated as an aggregate or unit with respect to a procedure or process.

  2. Quantity of goods or material produced in a single manufacturing run.

Synonyms of Batch

Amount, Array, Assortment, Block, Budget, Bulk, Bunch, Bundle, Chunk, Clod, Clump, Cluster, Clutch, Collection, Considerable, Copse, Count, Crop, Deal, Dose, Gob, Gobs, Good deal, Great deal, Group, Grouping, Groupment, Grove, Hassock, Heap, Heaps, Hunk, Knot, Large amount, Lashings, Loads, Loaf, Lot, Lots, Lump, Make, Making, Mass, Measure, Mess, Mint, Nugget, Number, Oodles, Pack, Parcel, Part, Pat, Peck, Pile, Piles, Portion, Pot, Quantity, Quite a little, Raft, Rafts, Ration, Run, Scads, Set, Shock, Sight, Slew, Slews, Small amount, Spate, Stack, Stacks, Stook, Sum, Thicket, Tidy sum, Tuft, Tussock, Volume, Wad, Wads, Whole slew, Wisp

How to use Batch in a sentence?

  1. Getting a good batch of material can help you make a really superior product and get the customers on your side.
  2. The next batch of work should be produced in a more timely manner and of higher quality than the first batch .
  3. My wife made a fresh batch of brownies that smelled so good from the other room, I had to go in the kitchen to see them.

Meaning of Batch & Batch Definition