Batch processing

Batch processing,

Definition of Batch processing:

  1. While batch processing can be carried out at any time, it is particularly suited to end-of-cycle processing, such as for processing a bank's reports at the end of a day or generating monthly or biweekly payrolls.

  2. Batch processing is the processing of transactions in a group or batch. No user interaction is required once batch processing is underway. This differentiates batch processing from transaction processing, which involves processing transactions one at a time and requires user interaction.

  3. Non-continuous (non-real time) processing of data, instructions, or materials. In data transmission, batch processing is used for very large files or where a fast response time is not critical. The files to be transmitted are gathered over a period and then send together as a batch.

How to use Batch processing in a sentence?

  1. Batch processing systems can save money and labor over time, but they may be costly to design and implement up-front.
  2. You should have a special group for batch processing to get all of the important projects you need done quickly accomplished.
  3. You may want to have a good batch processing team on your side that can get you what you need very quickly.
  4. Batch processing is a technique for automating and processing multiple transactions as a single group.
  5. The batch processing was useful due to the homogeneous and project based nature of our business as this was the best processing method.
  6. Batch processing helps in handling tasks like payroll, end-of-month reconciliation, or settling trades overnight.

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