Batata Engorda

Batata Engorda

Sweet potato fat? ۔

This AC is because sweet potatoes scare me.

But does anyone know how Dees made me fat?

Sweet potatoes are full of carbohydrates, they turn into sugar, so they are full of calories.

It is fried, contaminated as an element that increases the oil content.

I can gain weight. Or what determines whether or not you gain weight after calculating calories burned over a long day. More than calories, it's worth it, but it has sweet potatoes for the nut, but it has protein (no sprouts, can't tell the players, I've lost all my favorite sites).

Good for life, eat for and eat plenty of carbohydrates as protein. Only six meals a day on sweet potatoes, equal to the number of official portion?

Eat half But don't go home with the TV and eat frills, okay? !!! (seriously)

When he is under the ground he gets fat ... I don't know later !!!!!

So you imagine that everything is greasy, but sweet potatoes are not a bad person without us once in a while? In Europe or for us rice them potatoes for them, almost daily with potatoes in the plate (and most do not contain fat). Now that it is true that the story of Aloo Bochecha !!!

Potatoes: Sweet potatoes appear as dietary villains, and not as much as sweet potatoes when eaten fried or in the form of fat. When eaten, they are rich in complex, physical carbohydrates. When cooking potatoes, leave the skin on, use less water and cook the pan. The increase in nutrients lost in water will be less, but will not fail to increase. Therefore, cooking water must be used in other preparations such as soups, rice, beans, beans or stews. Try to get rid of the cross sprouts found in sweet potatoes as they contain a toxic substance (solanine) which can cause diarrhea, irritation and fatigue. A good melt made from vitamins C and B6, sodium and other minerals. With twelve sweet potatoes, or a British sweet potato-like caloric value, and an excellent beta carotene filler.

Batata Engorda