Basis risk

Basis risk,

Definition of Basis risk:

  1. Offsetting vehicles are generally similar in structure to the investments being hedged, but they are still different enough to cause concern. For example, in the attempt to hedge against a two-year bond with the purchase of Treasury bill futures, there is a risk the Treasury bill and the bond will not fluctuate identically.

  2. In asset liability management, risk that changes in interest rates will reprice interest-incurring liabilities differently from repricing the interest-earning assets, thus causing an asset-liability mismatch.

  3. Basis risk is the financial risk that offsetting investments in a hedging strategy will not experience price changes in entirely opposite directions from each other. This imperfect correlation between the two investments creates the potential for excess gains or losses in a hedging strategy, thus adding risk to the position.

How to use Basis risk in a sentence?

  1. Basis risk occurs when a hedge is imperfect, so that losses in an investment are not exactly offset by the hedge.
  2. Certain investments do not have good hedging instruments, making basis risk more of a concern than with others assets.
  3. Basis risk is the potential risk that arises from mismatches in a hedged position.

Meaning of Basis risk & Basis risk Definition

Basis Risk,

What is The Meaning of Basis Risk?

  1. The difference between an index and a given portfolio of losses (based on that index) as the basis of hedging. For example, an insurer's loss portfolio is not the same as the one used to calculate the value of securities purchased to cover an index loss portfolio. The primary risk is the result of incomplete coverage.

  2. Basis Risk definition is: The primary risk is a financial risk that, when it offsets an investment in a hedging strategy, will not result in completely contradictory price changes. Incomplete correlation between these two investments creates the possibility of excessive gain or loss in the hedging strategy, which increases the risk of the position.

    • The main risk is the potential risk of non-compliance with the hedging position.
    • The main risk arises when the coverage is incomplete, so the investment losses are not fully covered by the coverage.
    • Some investments do not have good hedging tools, making the underlying asset more critical than other assets.

  3. Meaning of Basis Risk: Random changes in value between hedging devices (e.g.,

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Meanings of Basis:
  1. The means or foundations on which an idea, argument or action is based.

Sentences of Basis
  1. The only basis for good cooperation is trust.


Meanings of Risk:
  1. Risk management situation

  2. Expose someone or something valuable for loss, damage or loss.

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menace, fear, prospect, expose to danger, gamble (with), chance, put at risk, probability, possibility, jeopardize, put on the line, venture, take a chance with, threat, danger, endanger, put in jeopardy, peril, wager, bet, imperil, likelihood, put in danger, hazard