Basis Point(s)

Basis Point(s),

What is The Definition of Basis Point(s)?

Meaning of Basis Point(s): A way to express an increase in measurement between one percent and 100 percent. For example, 50 base points is half of 1%. 200 basic points equals 2%. Contract costs, warranty costs, and other quantitative data used in insurance and insurance contracts can be calculated on a point-by-point basis.

Literal Meanings of Basis Point(s)


Meanings of Basis:
  1. Sources or reasons for an idea, argument or action.

Sentences of Basis
  1. Trust is the only key to a good working relationship

Synonyms of Basis

cause, core, base, heart, foundation, starting point, source, centre, basis, origin, kernel, root


Meanings of Point:
  1. The tip of a tool, weapon or sharp object.

  2. The sign of a period or other intervals, especially a period.

  3. At a particular place, location or place, on a place or map, object or surface.

  4. An item or description in a discussion, list, or extended text.

  5. Evaluation of a class or unit (in sports and games).

  6. Each of the thirty-two directions is marked with the same distance around the compass.

  7. A narrow strip of land that is projected into a lake or ocean

  8. The unit of measurement of volume and distance of a character is 0.3 or 0.351 mm (0.013835 inches) of a puka in the United States and the United Kingdom, and 0.376 mm (0.015 inches) in Europe.

  9. One of the two areas in each attack area, directly inside the blue line that meets the board.

  10. Position in front of the field, usually occupied by the guard who prepares the team's defense.

  11. A line of electrical contacts in a motor vehicle distributor.

  12. A small group led the soldiers' yard.

  13. The upper part of an animal, usually a horse or cat, resembles the face, legs and tail of a semi-cat.

  14. A place that is a straight line.

Sentences of Point
  1. Dagger point

  2. The footnote number should appear after the period at the end of the sentence.

  3. Turn left at the point where you see a sign for Apple Grove

  4. You overlooked a number of important points

  5. He scored 13 of his last 19 points against Houston

  6. Parts of the house are arranged around it like bundles on a wind rose.

  7. The plane headed for the end

  8. Since monitors are displayed in different resolutions, speeds of 12 points on one screen can be close to 14 points on another screen.

Synonyms of Point

promontory, limit, extremity, foreland, place, head, item, furthermost part, bill, locale, aspect, horn, cape, position, border, piece of information, area, locality, element, boundary, end, fact, thing, idea, site, detail, factor


Meanings of S:
  1. Seconds)

  2. Part (of an action)

  3. Shilling (E)

  4. Not married.

  5. Solid

  6. (No genealogy) Baby

  7. Success.

  8. Zero refers to electrons and orbits with angular velocity and perfect balance.

  9. Distance (in mathematical formulas).

  10. The 19th letter of the alphabet

  11. Form a capital S-like.