Basic Rate

Basic Rate,

What Does Basic Rate Mean?

  1. The manual rate is in the basic lines before the factors such as the increase in the liability limit are taken into account. The term is somewhat outdated in the rating statistic published by independent rating agencies since the advent of loss estimates.

  2. Basic Rate means: With basic restrictions, these are standard rates for certain types of risk.

  3. Basic Rate means: Standard rates for certain types of risk.

Literal Meanings of Basic Rate


Meanings of Basic:
  1. Establish an important foundation or starting point.

  2. You are alkaline or consist of bases with more than 7 pH.

  3. Important facts or principles of a subject or skill.

  4. Simple, advanced computer programming language with English words widely used in the past.

Sentences of Basic
  1. There are some basic rules to follow

  2. These salts produce alkaline solutions that are comparable to the strength of mineral alcohols

Synonyms of Basic

elemental, chief, preliminaries, primary, groundwork, cardinal, foundations, elementary, principal, rudimentary, essentials, rudiments, fundamentals, principles, root, first principles, fundamental


Sentences of Rate
  1. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving exercises

Synonyms of Rate

tariff, weigh up, fare, assess, charge, hold to be, consider to be, appraise, find to be, evaluate, judge to be, put a value on, gauge, judge, outlay, adjudge, estimate, figure, deem to be, hire, calculate, measure