Basic Causes Of Loss Form (ISO)

Basic Causes Of Loss Form (ISO),

Basic Causes Of Loss Form (ISO) Meanings:

Insurance Services, Inc. (ISO), one of the three offices, establishes the cause of the loss of business property insurance. The Damage Reason form describes the cause (or danger) of the damage and the coverage required. The root cause of damage (CP 10 10) covers the following hazards: fire, lightning, explosions, smoke, storms, hail, riots, civil unrest, aircraft, vehicles, vandalism, spraying leakage, swamp falling And action. The other two causes of damage are general cause damage (CP10 20) and specific cause damage (CP1030).

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Meanings of ISO:
  1. International Standards Organization.

  2. (In the UK) Imperial Service Order granted to British and Commonwealth officials (abolished in 1993).