Definition of Base:

  1. Root or root word or derivative

  2. An ideological framework or entity on which something is built or on which something depends.

  3. The middle part of the bipolar transistor that separates the emission from the collector.

  4. The bottom or edge of an object, especially the part where it sits or stands.

  5. It has a basis for using (something) as a point from which (something) can grow.

  6. One of four seasons to fix the race.

  7. A place used by the Armed Forces or any other headquarters as an operations center.

  8. Mathematics: (1) Number of single digit symbols in a temporary number system. (2) A number which, when raised to a power, is the same logarithm as the emitter.

  9. Chemistry. Metal oxides or other compounds that react with acids to neutralize them and produce water and salt. Bases increase the concentration of hydroxide ions (OH) in water solution.

  10. Substances capable of reacting with lac acids to form salts and water or (more commonly) hydrogen ions are absorbed or neutralized.

  11. Put yourself in the center of the operation.

  12. A number used as the basis of a numerical scale.

  13. An important or important element or substance to which other substances are added.

Synonyms of Base

Distance, Carrier, Cause, Floor, Bed on, Rock bottom, Inadequate, Degraded, Unworthy, Basement, Form, Lascivious, Baluster, Criminal, Acidity, Scurvy, Stimulus, Rude, Mickey Mouse, Repulsive, Blackguardly, Fix, Place, Factor, Inorganic chemical, Emitter, Low-down, Grave, Enormous, Macromolecule, Pedestal, Foot, Pitiable, Makeup, Too bad, Install, Stereobate, Viewpoint, Little, Hateful, Regrettable, Wainscot, Peccant, General headquarters, Reprobate, Dire, Submissive, Pinchbeck, Cosmetics, Pusillanimous, Nadir, Keel, Pseudoisomer, Lousy, Beneath contempt, Beastly, Line of departure, Banister, Seat, Sinful, Third-rate, Imperfect, Trimer, Filthy, Insufferable, Flagrant, Fake, Dastard, Vanity case, Starting gate, Stand, Underlie, Station, Site, Build, Infrastructure, Repugnant, Nefarious, Vanishing cream, Blamable, Seating, Blameworthy, Substructure, Paint, Dunghilly, Framework, Warrant, Rudiment, Unseemly, Riprap, Scandalous, Depraved, Angle, Build in, Shameful, Rest, Pilaster, Ugly, Flagitious, Corrupt, Vest, Stylobate, Monomer, Vile, Woeful, Bottom, Set up, Element, Dimer, Root, Chemical element, Chemical, High polymer, Rank, Pitiful, Chassis, Grievous, Starting point, Atom, Centre, Found, Downtrodden, Draw, Second-class, Lewd, Column, Buttress, Gross, Set on, Balustrade, Reagent, Terra firma, Heinous, Poor, Forbidding, Paltry, Starting post, War paint, Frame, Eyebrow pencil, Bottom, Foundation cream, Nasty, Beggarly, Organic chemical, Copolymer, Deplorable, Lumpen, Company headquarters, Tetrode transistor, Repellent, Humble, Vulgar, Toe, Pile, Post, Hand cream, Starting point, Found, Tacky, Core, Theme, Homopolymer, Stay, Transistor, Substruction, Baseborn, Scurrilous, Infra dig, Unforgivable, Mean, Poltroonish, Install, Sad, Subbase, Upright, Lipstick, Root, Point-contact transistor, Station, Tinny, Central office, Arrant, Ignominious, Cold cream, Pavement, Acid, Lip rouge, Standard, Central station, Site, Scabby, Rubbishy, Small, Vicious, Lowborn, Undignified, Determinant, Miserable, Profane, Dunghill, Sickening, Slavish, Greasepaint, Background, Pitch, Powder, Collector, Basis, Form, Wrong, Worst, Occasion, Noxious, Put up, Disreputable, Low-class, Insufficient, Shoemold, Base of operations, Naughty, Grounds, Reptilian, Call, Shabby, Horrid, Alkali, Flooring, Fourth-class, Poltroon, Noisome, Build on, Selfish, Irregular, Scrubby, Measly, Debased, Status, Lamentable, Understructure, Stinking, Causation, Humiliating, Hand lotion, Egregious, Starting place, Isomer, Trashy, Found on, Caitiff, Position, Compact, Settlement, Punk, Sole, Camp, Establish, Hinge, Dishonorable, Shocking, Tatty, Monstrous, Unwashed, Set, Underbuilding, Unskillful, Biochemical, Staff, Sleazy, Unclean, Rebarbative, Unpardonable, Anion, Bearing wall, Horrible, Low-test, Not comparable, Bedding, Unipolar transistor, Position, Plebeian, Craven, Unspeakable, Low-quality, Disgusting, Seedy, Lowly, Support, Powder puff, Stalk, Ground on, Despicable, Recreant, Stand, Rotten, Jack, Rest, Antecedents, Antacid, Disgraceful, Crude, Bottom on, Newel-post, Understruction, Scruffy, Talcum powder, Rouge, Unmentionable, Eye shadow, Second-best, Outrageous, Place, Deficient, Solid ground, Black, Lowest level, Knavish, Revolting, Offensive, Construct, Radical, Objectionable, Roguish, Groundwork, Colonnade, Molecule, Evil, GHQ, Establish, HQ, Worthless, Stay, Common, Lowest point, Establish, Derive, Incompetent, Nonacid, Pedestal, Dado, Plinth, Substratum, Medium, Undergirding, Ground, Drugstore complexion, Fond, Notorious, Oxyacid, Underlying level, Scummy, Garrison, Put in, Sill, Rascally, Pier, Ground, Cowardly, Plant, Low-grade, Counterfeit, Squalid, Reprehensible, Neutralizer, Start, Fundament, Hardpan, Sorry, Scoundrelly, Trunk, Baseboard, Home, Queen-post, Ornery, Central administration, Perspective, Awful, Filamentary transistor, Cation, Mudpack, Main office, Post, Subservient, Puff, Undercarriage, Terrible, Station, Menial, Detestable, Clown white, Command post, Support, Spacistor, Lay the foundation, Footing, Loathsome, Undergird, Third-class, Situate, Chromoisomer, Center of authority, Compound, Fundamental, Improper, Evil-minded, Principle, Stanchion, Deploy, Pillar, Villainous, Mangy, Construct, Fulsome, Miasmal, Agent, Schlock, Stem, Bed, Etiology, Hydracid, Crummy, Low-minded, Wretched, Sulfacid, Cause and effect, Execrable, Determinative, Heavy chemicals, Malodorous, Mephitic, Mopboard, Pedicel, Indecent, Foul, Pornographic, Bed, Miasmic, Foundation, Forged, Poky, Standing, Below contempt, Predicate, Plinth, Germanium crystal triode, Mascara, Dirty, Mediocre, Shaft, Solid rock, Lower strata, Out of it, Takeoff, Brutal, Contemptible, Servile, Dreadful, Point of departure, Headquarters, CP, Headquarters, Locate, Bedrock, Vehicle, Abominable, Dark, Metamer, Fetid, Anchor, Foundation, Pole, Foot, Base-minded, Camp, Petty, Prop, Infamous, Atrocious, Alloisomer, Surbase, Sordid, Scampish, Hook-collector transistor, Secure, Ribald, Caryatid, Port of embarkation, Damnable, Die, Abhorrent, Ignoble, Spurious, Alkalinity, Post, Inferior, Maladroit, Odious, Wicked, Shoddy, Coarse, Obnoxious, Footstalk, Socle, Trivial, Dastardly, Piling, Cheap, Not in it, Build, Talcum, Low, Bolster, Venue, Prop, Fraudulent, Obscene, Nauseating, Abject, Polymer, Bad, Peduncle, Ion, Nail polish, Degrading, Cheesy, Substructure, Invest, Underpinning, Iniquitous

How to use Base in a sentence?

  1. John was confused when the teachers called for the central ten square, but then his best friend whispered that the answer was ten and John managed to give the correct answer.
  2. Soap based on vegetable oil.
  3. Some historians believe that the basic position value system of Babylon 60 60 passed from the Greeks to the Indians.
  4. He throws acid on the laboratory bench and looks down, but can't find it in all his dirt.
  5. The film is based on a novel by Pat Conroy.
  6. I turned around four times to see how the ad was loaded and what I thought was a unique number.
  7. Chemistry usually has a pH above 7, while acids usually have a pH below 7.
  8. London-based group.
  9. Nitric acid reacts with nitric salt and water production bases.
  10. The NCO returned to the base.
  11. He is sitting at the foot of a tree.
  12. The city's economic base has collapsed.
  13. The transistor consists of three parts: the base, the collector and the emitter.
  14. Children should experiment with pronouncing the roots of suffixes.

Meaning of Base & Base Definition

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