Base Cost

Base Cost,

Base Cost Meanings:

  • The term used in the Capital Gains Tax Act refers to the value of the owners' assets.

Literal Meanings of Base Cost


Meanings of Base:
  1. The lower part or edge of an object, especially the part where it is sitting or standing.

  2. A structure or ideological entity on which something is built or on which it depends.

  3. A place used by the Armed Forces or any other headquarters as an operation center.

  4. An important or important element or substance to which other substances are added.

  5. Substances that react with lac acids to form salts and water or (more commonly) can absorb or neutralize hydrogen ions.

  6. The middle part of the bipolar transistor that separates the emission from the collector.

  7. Root or root word or derivative

  8. A number used as the basis of a numerical scale.

  9. One of four seasons to schedule a race.

  10. The owner is used as the basis of (something) as the point from which (something) can grow.

Sentences of Base
  1. He is sitting under a tree

  2. The city's economic base collapsed

  3. The NCO returned to the base

  4. Soap based on vegetable oil

  5. Nitric acid reacts with nitric salt and water production bases.

  6. The transistor consists of three parts: the base, the collector and the emitter.

  7. Children should experiment with pronouncing the roots of suffixes.

  8. Some historians believe that the basic position value system of 60 Babylon reached from the Greeks to the Indians.

  9. I turned around four times to see how the base was packed and what I thought was the only count.

  10. The film is based on a novel by Pat Conroy

  11. A group based in London

Synonyms of Base

garrison, construct, medium, site, headquarters, install, vehicle, locate, evil, post, place, bad, starting point, root, position, pedestal, wicked, mean, centre, camp, deploy, sinful, rest, low, foundation, bottom, station, improper


Meanings of Cost:
  1. (For an item or action)) requires payment (a fixed amount of money) before it can be obtained or realized.

Synonyms of Cost

come to, hire charge, levy, put a figure on, estimate the cost of, amount to, sell for, selling price, put a value on, fee, market price, fare, be valued at, fetch, evaluate, be priced at, value, price, tariff, be, put a price on, estimate the price of, toll, rental, charge, asking price