Barrel Distortion

Barrel Distortion

A common geometric lens distortion that causes the captured image to be wrinkled in the center and rounded at the edges.

Literal Meanings of Barrel Distortion


Meanings of Barrel:
  1. A cylindrical container with a bulge in the center, traditionally made of wooden sticks with metal rings around them.

  2. A tube that is part of an object, such as a or a pen.

  3. Belly and of a quadruped, such as a horse.

  4. Drive or move so fast you almost lose control.

  5. Pour into a barrel or barrels.

Sentences of Barrel
  1. Then the wine matures in old barrels.

  2. barrel.

  3. A Welsh Mountain Pony with a barrel that looks like a wine barrel.

  4. We crossed the Everglades.

  5. When young alcohol is poured into a barrel, it absorbs some of this taste.

Synonyms of Barrel

tun, tub, vat, barrique, puncheon, tierce, cask, drum, kilderkin, keg, hogshead, solera, firkin, tank, pipe, pin


Meanings of Distortion:
  1. Warp effect or warp state.

  2. Creating a misleading representation or impression.

  3. Change the shape of an electrical signal or sound wave during the treatment.

Sentences of Distortion
  1. The virus causes deformation of the leaves.

  2. We are tired of the media continuing to twist our problems.

Synonyms of Distortion

crookedness, curve, bend, deformation, deformity, buckle, tinkering, manipulation, disfigurement, alteration, curvature, change, doctoring, misstatement, prejudice, misrepresentation, spin, gnarl, imbalance, knot, bias, travesty, falsification, tampering, malformation, skew, misreporting, twist, contortion, warp, garbling, twisting, colouring

Barrel Distortion