1. You can define BARRATRY(MARINE) as, This refers to any intentional or illegal act by the ship's captain or crew that causes damage to the ship and / or cargo owners.

Literal Meanings of BARRATRY(MARINE)


Meanings of BARRATRY:
  1. Fraud or gross negligence on the part of the ship's captain or crew that harms the owner or customer.

  2. Fights or provocations that make him happy.

  3. Discuss the sale of church or government appointments.

Sentences of BARRATRY
  1. The ship's owners later changed their minds, claiming only that the authorities had deliberately sunk the unconnected ship and that the damage was done under the guise of attacks.

  2. You accuse Mr. Davis of obstruction and vicious persecution.

  3. Simone is aware of this obstacle, the same crime that Dente is accused of.

Synonyms of BARRATRY

laxity, non-performance of duty, neglect, heedlessness, lack of proper care and attention, dereliction of duty, carelessness, thoughtlessness, inattention, laxness, irresponsibility, lack of care, remissness, neglectfulness, inattentiveness, non-fulfilment of duty, forgetfulness, unmindfulness


Meanings of MARINE:
  1. A member of a contingent of troops trained for ground or naval services, specifically a member of the US Marine Corps.

  2. From the sea, discovered or born.

Sentences of MARINE
  1. 2,000 Marines

  2. Seaweed

Synonyms of MARINE

seawater, sea, aquatic, oceanic, saltwater