Definition of Barometer:

  1. Instrument used in measuring atmospheric pressure. Its most common types are mercury barometer and aneroid barometer.

  2. An instrument measuring atmospheric pressure, used especially in forecasting the weather and determining altitude.

Synonyms of Barometer

Aerological instrument, Aneroid barometer, Aneroidograph, Barograph, Barometrograph, Canon, Check, Criterion, Degree, Feeler, Gauge, Glass, Graduated scale, Hurricane-hunter aircraft, Hygrometer, Measure, Model, Norm, Parameter, Pattern, Pilot balloon, Probe, Quantity, Radiosonde, Random sample, Reading, Readout, Recording barometer, Rule, Sample, Scale, Sound, Sounder, Standard, Straw vote, Test, Touchstone, Trial balloon, Type, Vacuometer, Value, Weather balloon, Weather instrument, Weather satellite, Weather vane, Weathercock, Weatherglass, Yardstick, Measure, Indicator, Barometer, Basis, Standard, Point of reference, Guide, Guideline, Touchstone, Yardstick, Benchmark, Criterion, Example, Model, Pattern, Formula, Exemplar, Sample, Test, Litmus test

How to use Barometer in a sentence?

  1. Various instruments like thermometers and barometers are used to measure this.

Meaning of Barometer & Barometer Definition