Definition of Barge:

  1. Flat bottom, low draft, mainly inland cargo vessel for canals and rivers. Basic barges have uncovered (open) tops and are either pushed or towed.

Synonyms of Barge

Amble, Boat, Bowl along, Bundle, Bus, Cart, Clump, Coach, Drag, Dray, Ferry, Float, Flounce, Foot, Footslog, Halt, Haul, Hippety-hop, Hitch, Hobble, Hop, Jog, Jolt, Jump, Lighter, Limp, Lumber, Lunge, Lurch, Mince, Pace, Paddle, Peg, Piaffe, Piaffer, Plod, Prance, Rack, Raft, Roll, Sashay, Saunter, Scuff, Scuffle, Scuttle, Shamble, Ship, Shuffle, Sidle, Single-foot, Skip, Sled, Sledge, Slink, Slither, Slog, Slouch, Stagger, Stalk, Stamp, Stomp, Straddle, Straggle, Stride, Stroll, Strut, Stumble, Stump, Swagger, Swing, Tittup, Toddle, Totter, Traipse, Trip, Truck, Trudge, Van, Waddle, Wagon, Wamble, Wheelbarrow, Wiggle, Wobble

Meaning of Barge & Barge Definition