Barcode reader

Barcode reader,

Definition of Barcode reader:

  1. Electronic device that scans a barcode by shining a laser beam on it. Barcode readers (unlike magnetic-stripe readers) are non-contact automatic data capture devices, operate only at short distances (a few inches), and (unlike in radio frequency identification) do not provide out of line of sight reading. Also called barcode scanner or just scanner.

How to use Barcode reader in a sentence?

  1. The barcode reader was especially useful to the inventory control company who had each employee using them hundreds of times per day.
  2. The supermarket instructed its personnel to utilize the barcode reader provided to first scan the UPC label of the product prior to inputting a quantity count when taking inventory.
  3. The new barcode reader at the retail chain increased customer through put at the registers by 35%. No one expected such an increase.

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