Barcode Label Unreadable And Replaced

Barcode Label Unreadable And Replaced

Shipping Exceptions on Fedex Tracking Issues? 3

I know that shipping exceptions generally mean that the package may be damaged, or the labels may be unreadable, or something like that.

Now my question is: Shipping is not included in my order and the details column says:

Barcode labels are unacceptable and have been changed.

Does this mean that it will continue on its way to my use? Delivery is estimated to be one day late, but that's about it. So does a changed tag mean that it will be replaced with a better tag and continue to be used?

This means that part of the barcode or address on your package is corrupted or corrupted. They are usually found in distribution centers, where they change the entire label so that it can be used on the street without any hassle.

This is usually delayed because they are moving a lot of packages for delivery as indicated. If the label is changed, the door where the package was placed should no longer be present on that day.

After changing the tag, you will know that the tag is on its way and the expected delivery day will come.

Shipping Exception

Barcode Label Unreadable And Replaced