Definition of Bar:

  1. Metric unit of atmospheric pressure equal to 14.50 pounds per square inch (lb/in2), 1.02 kilograms per square centimeter (kg/cm2), 29.53 inches of mercury (in Hg), or 0.9869 atmosphere. In engineering, the term bar gauge (barG) is used to indicate that the pressure is read from a pressure gauge (which actually measures the difference between the fluids pressure and the atmospheric pressure).

  2. Long, solid-metal form, generally having a cross section of about 100 square centimeters. Steel bars come in two forms: (1) Merchant bars include rounds, flats, angles, squares and channels, and (2) Reinforcing bars (rebar) are used in strengthening concrete in large structures.

  3. Body of practicing lawyers in a jurisdiction.

  4. Fully or partially submerged sand bank along a shore or at the mouth of a river which often obstructs navigation.

Synonyms of Bar

Hershey bar, Maypole, Abscind, Accent, Accent mark, Achievement, Ait, Alehouse, Alerion, Ambo, Amputate, Animal charge, Annihilate, Annulet, Anticipate, Arch dam, Archipelago, Argent, Armorial bearings, Armory, Arms, Aside from, Atoll, Avert, Aviation badge, Azure, Backstop, Badge, Bamboo curtain, Ban, Band, Bandeau, Bang, Banish, Bank, Bar line, Bar out, Bar sinister, Barrage, Barrel house, Barricade, Barrier, Barring, Barroom, Bate, Baton, Batten, Batten down, Beam, Bear-trap dam, Bearings, Beaver dam, Beer garden, Beer parlor, Belt, Bench, Bend, Bend sinister, Beside, Besides, Bespangle, Bespeckle, Bespot, Billet, Bind, Bistro, Blank wall, Blazon, Blazonry, Blind alley, Blind gut, Blind tiger, Block, Block up, Blockade, Blockage, Blotch, Board, Bob, Bolt, Boom, Boozer, Bordure, Bottleneck, Boycott, Brace, Brake, Breakwater, Breastwork, Brick wall, Broad arrow, Bucket shop, Buffer, Buffet, Bulkhead, Bulkhead in, Bullion, Bulwark, Bung, But, Button, Button up, Cabaret, Cadency mark, Cafe, Cancel, Cant hook, Cantina, Canton, Caulk, Cay, Cecum, Chaplet, Character, Charge, Check, Checker, Checkrein, Chevron, Chicken, Chief, Chink, Chock, Choke, Choke off, Choke up, Choking, Choking off, Circumscribe, Circumscription, Clap, Claw bar, Clip, Clog, Clog up, Close, Close off, Close out, Close tight, Close up, Coat of arms, Cockatrice, Cocktail lounge, Cofferdam, Coin gold, Coin silver, Confine, Congest, Congestion, Constipate, Constipation, Constrict, Contain, Continental island, Contract, Control, Copper, Coral head, Coral island, Coral reef, Cork, Coronet, Costiveness, Counsel, Count out, Counter, Cover, Crack, Crank, Craze, Crescent, Crest, Crisscross, Crop, Cross, Cross moline, Cross-hatching, Crossbar, Crosscut, Crow, Crowbar, Crowd, Crown, Cruciate, Cul-de-sac, Cull, Curb, Custos, Cut, Cut across, Cut away, Cut off, Cut out, Dam, Dam up, Dapple, Dash, Dead end, Debar, Debarment, Debarring, Decussate, Defense, Deflect, Degree, Delimit, Delimitate, Delineation, 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How to use Bar in a sentence?

  1. We went to the bar the other day and drank a little too much, which caused us to have headaches in the morning.
  2. It is unclear whether the packets of potato chips the airline offers to the first class passengers are the same as the packets on sale at grocery stores, given that they appear correctly inflated at altitude when the pressure in the cabin is only around 0.8 bar .
  3. You need to always keep the bar high so that everyone is trying to achieve the most that they possibly can.

Meaning of Bar & Bar Definition


What Does Bar Mean?

  1. (1) Historically, this barrier separates the public from the position occupied by the judge, the prosecution, and other participants. (2) More generally, groups of lawyers in jurisdiction.

Meanings of Bar

  1. A long stick or hard wood, metal or similar material commonly used as a barrier, tool or weapon.

  2. An antidote to alcohol or soft drinks.

  3. Obstacles or limitations to an action or progress.

  4. The scale of the music or the rhythm of the musical piece.

  5. A division in a court or legislature that most people cannot forget and defendants appear in court.

  6. Protect with bars or railings (especially a door or window)

  7. Stop or forbid (anyone) from doing anything or going anywhere.

  8. Mark (something) with a stick or strip.

  9. Except outside.

  10. The unit of pressure is 100,000 Newtons per square meter, or about the equivalent of one atmosphere.

Sentences of Bar

  1. An iron rod

  2. Standing at the bar

  3. Political differences are not necessarily an obstacle to good relations.

  4. The first defeat of the first rosary

  5. Defendant

  6. His release from the Singapore Bar Association

  7. He slammed the door shut

  8. Journalists are not allowed to cover the election

  9. His face was full of light

  10. Except for a few hermits, everyone wanted it

  11. For divers, it offers an impressive glimpse of another world, so much so that it is difficult to emerge without at least a hundred poles.

Synonyms of Bar

stake, shank, strut, support, prop, spoke, crosspiece, girder, handicap, limitation, apart from, but for, other than, with the exception of, short of, save for