Bar Examination

Bar Examination,

Bar Examination:

  • State checks by potential attorneys to qualify for admission and bar admissions

Literal Meanings of Bar Examination


Meanings of Bar:
  1. A long stick or piece of hard wood, metal or similar material that is commonly used as a barrier, tool or weapon.

  2. An antidote to alcohol or soft drinks.

  3. Obstacles or limitations to an action or progress.

  4. The scale of music or the rhythm of a musical piece.

  5. A division in a court or legislature that most people cannot forget and defendants appear in court.

  6. Protect with bars or railings (especially a door or window).

  7. To prevent (someone) from doing something or going anywhere.

  8. Mark (something) with a bar or line.

  9. Except outside.

Sentences of Bar
  1. An iron rod

  2. Standing at the bar

  3. Political differences are not necessarily an obstacle to good relations.

  4. The first scale of the first rosary

  5. Defendant

  6. His release from the Singapore Bar Association

  7. He slammed the door shut

  8. Journalists cannot cover elections

  9. His face was full of light

  10. Except for a few hermits, everyone wanted it

Synonyms of Bar

rod, pole, stake, stick, batten, shaft, shank, rail, pale, paling, spar, strut, support, prop, spoke, crosspiece, girder, beam, boom, counter


Meanings of Examination:
  1. Detailed inspection or investigation.

  2. A formal examination of a person's knowledge or skills in a subject or skill.

  3. Formally call witnesses in court.

Sentences of Examination
  1. Review Marketing Behavior

  2. Pass the exam at the end of the first year

  3. During the preliminary investigation, the witness will provide additional details and evidence.

Synonyms of Examination

scrutiny, inspection, perusal, study, scanning, vetting, investigation, exploration, consideration, analysis, appraisal, evaluation, test, exam, paper, question paper, oral, practical, assessment, questioning, interrogation, cross-questioning, cross-examination, inquisition