Definition of Banner:

  1. A heading or advertisement appearing on a web page in the form of a bar, column, or box.

  2. Basic unit of electronic advertising, banners are those hot linked (hypertext linked) graphics that appear generally on the top or bottom of a webpage. As set by Internet Advertising Bureau, the standard physical size of a banner is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high, and is generally limited to 15 kilobytes in memory size.

  3. Excellent; outstanding.

  4. A long strip of cloth bearing a slogan or design, hung in a public place or carried in a demonstration or procession.

Synonyms of Banner

Communist threat, Dannebrog, Jolly Roger, Old Glory, Star-Spangled Banner, Stars and Stripes, Union Flag, Union Jack, Western imperialism, And blue, Arch, Atrocity story, Badge, Banderole, Bang-up, Banner head, Banneret, Battle hymn, Black flag, Bloody shirt, Blue ensign, Blue-ribbon, Bunting, Burgee, Capital, Caption, Cardinal, Central, Champion, Character, Characteristic, Chief, Coachwhip, Color, Colors, Crostarie, Crowning, Device, Differentia, Dominant, Drop head, Dropline, Earmark, Ensign, Epigraph, Expansionism, Face, Fiery cross, First, First-class, First-rate, First-string, Flag, Focal, Foremost, Gonfalon, Gonfanon, Great, Guidon, Hallmark, Hanger, Head, Heading, Headline, Headmost, Hegemonic, House flag, Idiosyncrasy, Image, Imperialist threat, Important, Independence, Index, Indicant, Indicator, Insignia, Jack, Jump head, Keynote, Leading, Legend, Long pennant, Magisterial, Main, Manifest destiny, Mark, Martial music, Master, Measure, Memorable, Merchant flag, Momentous, Motto, National anthem, National flag, Notable, Note, Noteworthy, Oriflamme, Overline, Overruling, Paramount, Peculiarity, Pendant, Pennant, Pennon, Pennoncel, Picture, Predominant, Preeminent, Preponderant, Prevailing, Primal, Primary, Prime, Principal, Property, Ranking, Red, Red ensign, Representation, Representative, Royal standard, Rubric, Ruling, Running head, Running title, Scarehead, Screamer, Seal, Self-determination, Sigil, Sign, Signal, Signal flag, Signature, Sovereign, Spread, Spreadhead, Stamp, Standard, Star, Stellar, Streamer, Subhead, Subheading, Subtitle, Supereminent, Superscription, Sure sign, Swallowtail, Symbol, Symptom, Telltale sign, Title, Title page, Top-notch, Topflight, Trait, Tricolor, Vexillum, War song, White, Yellow peril, Placard, Sign, Poster, Notice

How to use Banner in a sentence?

  1. I predict that 1998 will be a banner year.
  2. The large red, advertising banner at the bottom of the page offered give you 95% off your first purchase and free shipping for the first month if you registered in the next ten minutes.
  3. A banner ad.
  4. Putting up a banner over your business can help attract customers to your store which will lead to more profits.
  5. At Joes retirement party, his colleagues put up a banner that said Good Luck Joe. We will all miss you!.
  6. Students waved banners and chanted slogans.

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