Banner Ad

Banner Ad,

Banner Ad Definition:

Rectangular ad that is usually displayed at the top of a web page.

Literal Meanings of Banner Ad


Meanings of Banner:
  1. Long strips of fabric with a slogan or design, hanging in public places or used during demonstrations or processions.

  2. Headers or ads that appear as bars, columns or areas on a web page.

  3. Extraordinary Extraordinary

Sentences of Banner
  1. Students waved tracks and chanted slogans.

  2. Advertising banners

  3. I hope 1998 is a great year

Synonyms of Banner

placard, sign, poster, notice


Meanings of Ad:
  1. An advertisement.

  2. It means profit

  3. Ano Domini (used to indicate that the date is a certain number of years after the accepted date of Christ's birth).

  4. Active service

  5. Armored Division.

  6. Sports Director

Synonyms of Ad

notice, announcement, bulletin