Banking Day

Banking Day,

Banking Day: What is the Meaning of Banking Day?

  1. Saturday is the day when bank branches are open to the public for most banking activities. See questions about the availability of funds.

Literal Meanings of Banking Day


Meanings of Banking:
  1. A business process or service offered by a bank.

  2. Landfill or artificial bank.

  3. Use a second engine to give the train extra power on the slope.

Sentences of Banking
  1. With this account you are entitled to free banking services

  2. In this class, four machines are used for banking transactions

Synonyms of Banking

pecuniary, banking, commercial, monetary, economic, budgetary, investment, business, fiscal, accounting, money


Meanings of Day:
  1. A period of twenty-four hours as a unit of time, from midnight to midnight, in terms of the rotation of the earth around its axis.

  2. A special time in the past

Sentences of Day
  1. They met a few days ago

  2. The rules were very strict at that time

Synonyms of Day

epoch, time, point in time, period, full day, twenty-four hours, twenty-four-hour period, working day, era, age, generation