Banking center

Banking center,

Definition of Banking center:

  1. A retail location of a bank in which customers can receive aid in performing a variety of financing activities.

Meaning of Banking center & Banking center Definition

Banking Center,

What is The Meaning of Banking Center?

  1. Banking Center means, Bank of America Branch Bank of America has more than 5,700 branches.

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Meanings of Banking:
  1. Business management or services offered by the bank.

  2. Landfill or artificial bank.

  3. Use a second engine to give the train extra power on the slope.

Sentences of Banking
  1. With this account you are entitled to free banking services

  2. Four machines are used for banking in this class

Synonyms of Banking

banking, budgetary, pecuniary, monetary, commercial, business, money, investment, fiscal, accounting, economic


Meanings of Center:
  1. The center of a circle or circle is balanced by any point on the frame or surface.

  2. The point at which an activity or process is controlled or centralized.

  3. A place or group of buildings where certain activities are concentrated.

  4. Occurs primarily in or around (specific locations)

  5. Put it in the middle.

Sentences of Center
  1. He was furious at the thought that he had changed shape and found half way to the center of his circle before he knew what he was doing.

  2. The city became a center of discontent

  3. Medical Research Center

Synonyms of Center

prop, station, anchor, bedrock, mainspring, premises, mainstay, base, location, main ingredient, backbone, keystone, place, central component, site, installation, basis, fundament, centrepiece, focus, linchpin, crux, establishment, camp, core, centre, heart, depot