Bankers Hours

Bankers Hours,

How Do You Define Bankers Hours?

  • Bankers Hours refers to Short working days, usually with long lunch breaks.

Literal Meanings of Bankers Hours


Meanings of Bankers:
  1. A person who manages or owns a bank or group of banks.

  2. A safe bet is made.

  3. Pact of the Pact off the coast of Newfoundland.

  4. A river flooded at the top of its bank.

  5. Extra engines help the train to the hill.

  6. The bank where the architects worked.

Sentences of Bankers
  1. They do this to spread the bank accounts of bankers, directors and investors around the world.

  2. The horse must be a banker for it in an extreme race

Synonyms of Bankers

investor, speculator, banker, capitalist, industrialist, tycoon, magnate, business person, businessman, businesswoman, stockbroker


Meanings of Hours:
  1. Twenty-four day and one night periods, divided into 60 minutes.

  2. Time specified as the correct number of hours from midnight or noon.

  3. A fixed period of time for an activity, i.e. work, construction use, etc.

  4. (Western Church (Latin)) Short services with psalms and prayers that will be said at certain times of the day, especially in religious congregations.

  5. 15 ° Longitude or ascent to the right (twenty-fourth circle).

Sentences of Hours
  1. An extra hour of light on a winter's night

  2. The room clock shows the time

  3. Dinner time

  4. An organized life of prayer with traditional clocks

  5. Everything has the same real ascent in the same clockwise circle, just as all places on earth have the same length at the same length.

Synonyms of Hours

moment, time, point in time, moment in time, minute, second, hour, early years, early life, young days, teens, teenage years, adolescence, preadolescence, young adulthood, boyhood, girlhood, childhood