Bank Relationship

Bank Relationship,

What is The Definition of Bank Relationship?

  1. Bank Relationship refers to The relationship you form with the bank you do business with can pave the way for you in terms of loan applications or special applications.

Literal Meanings of Bank Relationship


Meanings of Bank:
  1. Heaps (matter) in people or mounds.

  2. (By plane or car) or leaning when turning

  3. (One engine) gives one (train) extra power to climb hills.

  4. (Billiards and other games) Play to bounce on a level (ball) such as a board or pillow.

  5. Land or bottom in a river or lake.

  6. Shield, mass or shield of a particular substance.

  7. A set or series of similar items, especially electrical or electronic devices, were grouped in rows.

  8. Pool table pillow

  9. Bank deposit (money or valuables)

  10. Financial institutions that invest in consumer funds, make payments if needed, provide interest-bearing loans and exchange currencies.

Sentences of Bank
  1. The rain piled on the ground behind the door

  2. Lean the plane as if going to the airport

  3. I caught eight balls on two pillows

  4. The banks line the river

  5. Snow shore

  6. There are DJ headlights and speakers on either side of the console.

  7. Bankruptcy

  8. I checked

  9. I send money directly to my bank

Synonyms of Bank

camber, perimeter, slant, array, stack, make a heap of, rim, flank, limits, circumference, gradient, deposit, bound, pile, fringe, pile up, row, margin, fringes, bounds, put at an angle, acclivity, tilt, rise, verge, cant, series, pay in


Meanings of Relationship:
  1. The way two or more concepts, objects or people are connected, or connected.

Sentences of Relationship
  1. This study examines the relationship between unemployment and political attitudes.

Synonyms of Relationship

tie-up, link, correspondence, correlation, interconnection, connection, parallel, tie-in, alliance, bond, interrelation, association, relation