Bank note

Bank note,

Definition of Bank note:

  1. Unsecured, interest bearing, payable on demand promissory note issued by a bank in large denominations ($100,000 and above). Bank notes are similar to bonds and, like a certificate of deposit (CD), may be used as a cash equivalent. They, however, are not protected under deposit insurance.

  2. Paper currency of a country issued by its central bank. Also called currency note.

How to use Bank note in a sentence?

  1. Historically, banks used to issue a bank note as a promise to pay gold or silver coins to a customer who presents the note to the bank.
  2. I still had my bank note and it told me a few things that I needed to know about the current state of my account.
  3. We try as much as possible to not use any more bank note s and instead use free cash flow from the company to fund expenses.

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