Bank Information

Bank Information,

What is The Meaning of Bank Information?

  1. Descriptive information about a particular bank. Showing CD Display and Money Market Database: Minimum Deposit, City, Estate, Phone, Overseas View

Literal Meanings of Bank Information


Meanings of Bank:
  1. Heaps (substances) in people or mounds.

  2. (From planes or cars) or lean when turning.

  3. (Locomotive) gives (train) extra power to climb hills.

  4. (Billiards and other games) Play to bounce on a level (ball) such as a board or pillow.

  5. All over the country or near a river or lake

  6. A shield of a particular material, massive or mountainous.

  7. A set or series of similar items, especially electrical or electronic equipment, was grouped in a row.

  8. Pool table pillow

  9. Bank deposit (money or valuables)

  10. Financial institutions that invest in consumer funds, make payments if needed, provide interest-bearing loans and exchange currencies.

Sentences of Bank
  1. The rain piled on the ground behind the door

  2. The plane overturned as if on its way back to the airport

  3. I took eight balls on two pillows

  4. The banks line the river

  5. Snow shore

  6. There are DJ headlights and speakers on either side of the console.

  7. Bankruptcy

  8. I checked

Synonyms of Bank

pile, dip, heap, array, outer limit, be at an angle, perimeter, flank, pay in, tier, tump, incline, border, margin, bound, slant, side, list, stack, limit, series, fringes, extremity, camber, acclivity, bounds, make a stack of, group, verge, row


Meanings of Information:
  1. Learned about a fact or something else.

  2. What is delivered or represented by a particular arrangement or arrangement of things.

Sentences of Information
  1. Genetic transmission information

Synonyms of Information

particulars, figures, statistics, data, details, facts