Bank holiday

Bank holiday,

Definition of Bank holiday:

  1. Public holiday on which banks are closed.

  2. The dates are major federal holidays when most financial institutions—stock exchanges, brokerage firms, and traders—also take the day off. Although rare, bank holidays can also be declared to prevent bank runs.

  3. A bank holiday is a business day during which financial institutions are closed. Bank holidays are most relevant for physical branch locations because many online banking services continue to operate.

  4. A day on which banks are officially closed, observed as a public holiday.

Synonyms of Bank holiday

Break, Time off, Furlough, Sabbatical, Leave of absence, A day off, A month off, A week off, Leisure time, Respite, Breathing space

How to use Bank holiday in a sentence?

  1. Online banks may continue service during bank holidays, depending on the financial institution.
  2. Even so, deposits will not be transferred to your bank account on a bank holiday.
  3. I took the box number to report the problem but the post office customer service line was closed due to the bank holiday.
  4. Bank holidays don't always coincide with the stock market holidays.
  5. American bank holidays tend to fall on federal holidays celebrated in the United States.
  6. Financial institutions close on bank holidays.

Meaning of Bank holiday & Bank holiday Definition