Bank Examination

Bank Examination,

Bank Examination:

The definition of Bank Examination is: Examine a bank's assets, income and expenses, and transactions conducted by federal and national banking regulators to ensure that the bank is able to comply with and comply with banking laws and regulations. healthy.

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Meanings of Bank:
  1. With Disembark or by a river or lake.

  2. Slope of a substance, massive or hilly.

  3. Seats or rows of similar elements, especially electrical or electronic equipment, are divided into rows.

  4. Pool table cushions

  5. Accumulation (substance) in a mass or pile.

  6. Turn backwards when turning (by plane or car).

  7. (From locomotive) (train) provides extra energy when going to the hills.

  8. Play ball (billiards and other games) to bounce on a surface like a table or pillow.

  9. Financial institutions that deposit money through consumers, make payments as needed, lend at interest and exchange currency.

  10. Bank deposit (cash or valuables)

Sentences of Bank
  1. Line up at Willow Banks

  2. Snow shore

  3. On each side of the console is a large collection of DJ lights and speakers

  4. Bankruptcy

  5. The rain has collected dust behind the door

  6. The plane overturned as if he wanted to return to the airport

  7. I put eight balls on two pillows

  8. I pay directly to my bank

  9. I checked

Synonyms of Bank

fringes, pitch, stack up, pile up, list, series, heap, outer limit, tip, group, deposit, limits, levee, slope, lean, acclivity, stack, verge, periphery, incline, fringe, dip, make a stack of, circumference, bounds, ramp, camber, array, bound, embankment


Meanings of Examination:
  1. Detailed inspection or investigation.

  2. A formal examination of a person's knowledge or skills in a subject or skill.

  3. Seek witnesses in court formally.

Sentences of Examination
  1. Review Marketing Behavior

  2. Take the exam at the end of the first year

  3. During the preliminary investigation, the witness will provide additional details and evidence.

Synonyms of Examination

test, question paper, consideration, inquisition, perusal, exploration, study, evaluation, scrutiny, cross-examination, practical, cross-questioning, scanning, appraisal, vetting, interrogation, analysis, assessment, inspection, exam, paper, oral, investigation, questioning