Bank Custodian

Bank Custodian,

Definition of Bank Custodian:

  1. The bank supervisor is responsible for maintaining the security of the client's assets belonging to one of the client's guardians, sub-supervisors or external supervisor facilities. See related questions related to bank deposit.

Literal Meanings of Bank Custodian


Meanings of Bank:
  1. Stack in bulk or choline (substance)

  2. (By plane or car) bends to one side or bends during a turn.

  3. (Locomotive) provides extra energy to climb mountains (train).

  4. (Billiards and other games) Playing balls to bounce on a board or pillow-like surface.

  5. Boundary of land or slope towards a river or lake.

  6. The shield of a particular material, massive or mountainous.

  7. A set or series of similar items, especially electrical or electronic equipment, were grouped in a row.

  8. Pool table pillow

  9. Bank deposit (money or valuables)

  10. Financial institutions that deposit money through consumers, pay compensation if needed, issue interest-bearing loans and exchange currencies

Sentences of Bank
  1. The rain piled on the ground behind the door

  2. Lean the plane as if going to the airport

  3. I take care of two pillows

  4. The banks line the river

  5. Snow shore

  6. There are DJ headlights and speakers on either side of the console.

  7. Bankruptcy

  8. I checked

  9. I send money directly to my bank

Synonyms of Bank

make a stack of, line, heap up, financial institution, make a heap of, border, stack up, rim, deposit, bound, tilt, fringe, gradient, dip, tump, heap, pay in, margin, pitch, pile up, camber, ramp, circumference, perimeter, flank, brink


Meanings of Custodian:
  1. Someone who is in charge or who cares about something.

Sentences of Custodian
  1. Pension and Insurance Fund Manager

Synonyms of Custodian

overseer, superintendent, curator, conservator, keeper, guardian