Bank Capital

Bank Capital,

What is The Definition of Bank Capital?

Bank capital is the difference between a bank's assets and liabilities and it represents the bank's capital or the value of its capital to investors. The active portion of bank capital includes cash, government bonds, and interest-bearing loans (e.g., mortgages, by letter, and interbank loans). The bank's equity liabilities section has a reserve for its loans and loan disbursements. When a bank rejects its assets, the bank's equity can be viewed as a margin with the help of creditors.

  • Bank capital is the difference between the bank's assets and liabilities and represents the bank's equity or equity for investors.
  • Basel I, Basel II and Basel III standards include definitions of regulatory capital, which are closely monitored by banking and market watchdogs.
  • The bank's capital is divided into categories, with Tier 1 Capital being an important indicator of the bank's health.
  • Lenders are interested in knowing the bank's equity because if the bank disposes of its assets, this will be the amount they will cover.

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