Bandana Do Itachi

Bandana Do Itachi

Why were the two Akatsuki members cut in half?

Does anyone know why Bandana looks like a rock between two Akatsuki members, a hairless ■■■■ I saw on a briefcase and Kasim's Bandana on a set of TDS

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I think the reason is that they cheated on the village in which they were born.

Like Isa Lee

Or the scratch on the bandanas is a special kind of brand, which is a symbol of Fula or Da Area. If you haven't observed or attache is still wearing a leaf bandana as a rock-like symbol of Akatsuki,


Danger on the headband of Akatsuki members, yes, to show that they proved themselves in their village !!


Each Akatsuki member has a hatito from his village, as Chris Cross Rock (as a symbol of desolation and hatred) indicates his position at the site or in red decorated with black. Each color has a different symbol, which can be a different type of square of the same type: ©  ™ ™,  £, Ϭ,.

Akatsuki gives a thriving style.

Kisses and ................................................ ........ .....

One of them has a scratch in the middle of the bandana, because they were just rebellious ninjas when some ninjas scratched their village © p espulso da and their bandana!

It helps!


Konoha Senpo!

All of you Akatsuki members on this dish because they are all ninjas who will bring villas or cover coils.

All yes or no, but interesting q  © o p.

An Akatsuki village as a new village, rising from the bandana of his village which is cut in the middle.

Their goal is to conquer all the juices so that they can overcome the terrible operating system but the stronghold of the world.

Already unwelcome or in danger of abandoning a villa!

I didn't write this just because it looks like Zuboza's ■■■■■■■ will also be in danger!

So I believe that once the feeling is gone that they don't like it or their villa doesn't follow that philosophy they will like this joke!

Bandana Do Itachi

Bandana Do Itachi

The danger for all the ninjas who brought the village and / or just got out of there is that they didn't let me go or that means only one !!!

Already Akatsuki's face or his rock means that only traitors have given your village one deceptive thing at a time.

Because they will bring criminal life to your village.

Are you looking for new juices, for example: the devil of mud or a band of nine-handed fox with this kit.

Bandana Do Itachi