Banco Imobiliario Regras

Banco Imobiliario Regras

Excellent super bank (rules)? ۔

People complain, if I land on dice and land, I put in a casino, but if I land on the land where I have a house in Europe, do you have to pay anyone? For example :

for you.

Rent $ 500.

1 house $ 2,000.

2 houses $ 6,000.

3 houses $ 14,000.

4 houses $ 17,000.

TEL 20,000.

Buy a home for 2,000.

Telephone including 2,000


What does each name of this rent mean / 1 house / 2 houses / 3 houses and so on ...

Worth 10 points.

And there is only one house I have to pay rent or 1 house.

Look, when you fall into a house that no one buys you don't buy the logo or put the logo on the little house, buy it yourself and leave it alone or country, week, you can see that every room is for you Something, this topic is about the same neighborhood for example, you can just build houses like any other part that is not the same color, for example Mo, eleà © rà © Âsea and Higienópolis m Listen, you can only quietly build a house?

Now it is easy for you to listen, there is a rent, ie stopping on the road where there is already an owner, he (or the owner) should tell you that if there is no house other than the color or the rent, you will pay the salary or price. ۔ Rent, Active 1 house in which you move or 1 house is priced, 2 house and rent or price is listed in 2 house, and until you reach the telephone, which is either where or your The fifth house, I bought the fifth house which you call either TEL and co or for the declared price lá zu which is not the same.

Banco Imobiliario Regras