Definition of Bale:

  1. Dry material carrying capacity of a ships hold.

  2. Pressed, compressed, or tied bundle of a commodity or merchandise, usually wrapped in an outer covering. Bale is a common term used in many English-speaking and non-English speaking countries for varying weights of goods ranging from agricultural produce to paper: (1) Running bale is a bundle of anything of any weight. (2) Standard bale weighs 500 pounds (226.8 kilograms) gross or 478 pounds (216.8 kilograms) net. (3) Cotton bale weighs 396.6 pounds (180 kilograms) in Brazil, 730 pounds (331.1 kilograms) in Egypt and the UK, 392 pounds (177.8 kilograms) in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, and 480 pounds (217.7 kilograms) in the US. (4) Paper bale contains 5 reams (2,500 sheets).

  3. Make (something) into bales.

  4. A bundle of paper, hay, cotton, etc., tightly wrapped and bound with cords or hoops.

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Synonyms of Bale

Aching heart, Agony, Agony of mind, Anguish, Bind up, Bindle, Bitterness, Bleeding heart, Bolt, Bouquet, Broken heart, Budget, Bundle, Bundle up, Burden, Burdening, Burthen, Cargo, Charge, Charging, Crushing, Cumber, Cumbrance, Deadweight, Deck, Depression, Depth of misery, Desolation, Despair, Do up, Drag, Encumbrance, Extremity, Fagot, Fardel, Fasces, Fascine, Freight, Grief, Handicap, Heartache, Heavy heart, Incubus, Incumbency, Infelicity, Lading, Load, Loading, Melancholia, Melancholy, Millstone, Misery, Nosegay, Oppression, Overload, Overtaxing, Overweighting, Pack, Package, Packet, Parcel, Posy, Pressure, Prostration, Quiver, Roll, Roll up, Rouleau, Saddling, Sadness, Sheaf, Suicidal despair, Superincumbency, Surcharge, Taxing, Tie up, Truss, Truss up, Woe, Wrap, Wrap up, Wretchedness, Bundle, Truss, Bunch, Pack, Package, Parcel, Load

How to use Bale in a sentence?

  1. There was a bale of hay for sale that was at such a low price we had to purchase it for the farm.
  2. The farmer went into his barn and counted each bale of alfalfa hay, to ensure he had enough to feed his livestock over winter.
  3. The indigent farmer gazed woefully at the soggy bale s of hay and imagined bale s of money, as he had seen in gangster movies, stretching off into the distance instead.
  4. They baled a lot of good hay.
  5. The fire destroyed 500 bales of hay.

Meaning of Bale & Bale Definition