Balanced Equities

Balanced Equities,

Balanced Equities: What is the Meaning of Balanced Equities?

  • Balanced Equities refers to Mutual funds whose ownership is evenly distributed between stocks and bonds. Mutual funds can change the allotment of their assets according to market conditions. Mutual funds aim for relatively stable profits.

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Meanings of Balanced:
  1. Maintain a regular balance in the right proportions or show it.

Sentences of Balanced
  1. He gathered a balanced team

Synonyms of Balanced

rational, mundane, reasonable, hard-headed, sane, sound, matter-of-fact, realistic, unromantic, commonsensical, no-nonsense, level-headed, balanced, sensible, practical, logical, serious-minded, responsible, sober, pragmatic, businesslike, full of common sense, unidealistic