Baked Chips

There are many people who are into healthy food habits these days. This is when they maintain a regular diet regime and hardly go beyond that. But even when one is under a strict regime, they are allowed to enjoy some treats once in a while though in moderation. This cannot harm their healthy lifestyle.

But when one goes for a treat then it is always a good idea to choose the healthier version of the junk foods. This can reduce the nutritional impact of the indulgence. Hence one can choose baked chips over the deep fried ones can label that one has a healthy lifestyle choice. Hence one can look for the best baked chips so that even they are indulging into treats they can provide the body with beneficial nutrients.

Fat Content

There are a few benefits of eating oven baked chips over the deep fried ones. This is because they have a healthy fat content. The oven baked chips are mostly made at home and they can be cooked with a very small amount of fat. They can be baked with the help of virgin olive oil and the fatty acids that are present in the olive oil can promote the cardiovascular health. In fact, consumption of this oil can also lead to prevention of type 2 diabetes and a few types of cancer. Deep fried chips on the other hand contain a huge amount of saturated fat which can increase the rate of heart diseases.


The potatoes that are mainly used to make oven baked chips can be a good source of potassium which is also an essential mineral. Potassium can carry a lot of functions in a human body. It can help one to regulate the body’s fluid balance and can help one to prevent the high blood pressure in a human body. Potassium can also help one to have a proper nerve function and it can help the muscle fibers. Oven baked chips do have a good amount of potassium and taking them can help one to prevent daily potassium deficiency.

Vitamin C

Oven bakes chips consumption can actually help one to increase their Vitamin C consumption level. They have a good amount of Vitamin C in them and so it can prevent vitamin deficiency in a human body. Vitamin C can nourish the immune system in a body and it also help the white blood cells to function well.

One can buy baked chips online. Or else, they can even make it at home. One just has to cover the thinly sliced potatoes in olive oil and then bake them till they turn golden brown. One can also spice up the recipe by adding some other spices to it. One can also use lime juice or vinegar to marinate the potato slices before baking them.

Final Thoughts

So, when it comes to junk food one still has to choose options that are healthy if one is too cautious about what they eat and what not.