Bait and switch

Bait and switch,

Definition of Bait and switch:

  1. Bait and switch is a morally suspect sales tactic that lures customers in with specific claims about the quality or low prices on items that turn out to be unavailable in order to upsell them on a similar, pricier item. It is considered a form of retail sales fraud, though it takes place in other contexts. While many countries have laws against using bait and switch tactics, not all occurrences constitute fraud.

  2. A selfish marketing strategy used to allure consumers into purchasing products or services by offering one product but then changing to a more high-end product once the consumer agrees to make a purchase.

  3. The action (generally illegal) of advertising goods which are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods.

  4. The "bait" in a bait and switch can be an advertised physical product or service that has a notably attractive price or terms. It can also take the form of a teaser interest rate, in the case of a mortgage, loan, or investment product. Once a customer comes into the store or office to inquire about the advertised price or rate, the advertiser will attempt to sell the customer a more expensive product, which constitutes the "switch.".

How to use Bait and switch in a sentence?

  1. The practice is considered unethical, and in many jurisdictions is illegal.
  2. However, the advertised deal does not exist or is inferior in terms of quality or specifications, where the buyer is then presented with an upsell.
  3. A bait-and-switch scheme.
  4. Bait and switch occurs when a prospective buyer is enticed by an advertised deal that seems attractive.

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