Bail out

Bail out,

Definition of Bail out:

  1. To provide emergency financial help to keep a firm afloat.

  2. (of a member of an aircrew) make an emergency parachute descent from an aircraft; eject.

  3. Rescue someone or something from a difficulty.

  4. Excessive selling of a firms stock by its stockholders, perceived as a lack of their confidence in the profitability or viability of the firm.

Synonyms of Bail out

Rescue, Save, Relieve, Deliver, Redeem, Abet, Aid, Arise, Assist, Avail, Bear a hand, Befriend, Benefit, Break away, Break cover, Break forth, Break jail, Break loose, Burst forth, Come, Come forth, Come out, Comfort, Cut loose, Debouch, Deliver, Disembogue, Do good, Doctor, Ease, Effuse, Emanate, Emerge, Erupt, Escape, Escape prison, Evade, Extract, Extricate, Extrude, Favor, Flee, Fly the coop, Free, Get away, Get clear of, Get free, Get out, Get out of, Give a boost, Give a hand, Give a lift, Give help, Help, Issue, Issue forth, Jump, Jump out, Lend a hand, Lend one aid, Liberate, Make a getaway, Parachute, Proffer aid, Protect, Protrude, Rally, Ransom, Reclaim, Recover, Redeem, Release, Relieve, Remedy, Render assistance, Rescue, Restore, Resuscitate, Retrieve, Revive, Sally, Sally forth, Salvage, Save, Set free, Set up, Skip, Sky-dive, Slip the collar, Succor, Surface, Take in tow, Eject, Parachute to safety

How to use Bail out in a sentence?

  1. They would help me bail out of jail, which I was very thankful for and I even told them how much I appreciated it when I met them.
  2. Chief Arp asked the pilot for parachutes so we could bail out.
  3. Some banks may need to get a bail out when they have loaned out to much money that they wont get back.
  4. A high-risk, high-reward strategy with a 10% chance of bankrupting the bank becomes purely a high-reward strategy when they know that the government will bail out retail banks rather than let private individuals lose their savings.

Meaning of Bail out & Bail out Definition