Bad Dragon Packaging

Bad Dragon Packaging

Do bad dragon toys come in packages? 3

I want to know. Are bad dragon toys shipped in packages? My parents turned around one day when they opened the door and saw a man giving them a toy made for me.

Can someone help me order a bad dragon toy?

When it comes to toys, no matter who you order them from, they are always delivered in very clean packaging. I received several from other sellers and they all came in a regular box with only your return address and address.

Bad kite

Evil dragon

Your idea is a little new. Why would you send Yiff toys without packing? Must have a name and address, right? Must come in a package. Like everyone else

I'm sure I would be embarrassed if that person came to my door with one hand. In fact, maybe a little bit

But even then, your parents will still be wondering what it is. Yellow is not the person who opens your email ... but they can ask what it is and all you have to do is set up your email.

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Bad Dragon Packaging