Backwards B

Backwards B

Will I get this kickback? 3

Do I get one upside down and the other upside down and upside down?

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Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. And if no one says anything?

OK, but no one answered my question in a way that I could understand. How do I get this role?!?

Look at the keyboard and make sure Caps Lock is off. In this case, press on the cover lock. If not, don't worry. OK, try to find a letter that corresponds to D, do not press anything other than D, when you do this it will appear as d on your screen. you have it

Do the same for things. Try to find a letter that matches P. Make sure there are no capital letters, just press P and p will appear.

And the same for q. Find the letter Q. No capital letters, just press Q and it will open q ...

Do you think that you can handle it?

Back b

You can go to the character map by going to S> Run and you will see all the characters you want. Choose one, copy and paste it into your text like this:…

You can select several and copy and paste them into a selected string

He is out of the fight. • ¬à ¡ "à Â"  "à Â"  "à   Ÿà ŒÂ,

You can also write insults here and not censor them with ******. Take the Russian alphabet, for example, and you will find some letters that look like us but are not. Just replace one of the appropriate characters with Russian in your forbidden blasphemous language. It will look the same, but it will not be the same, and the sensor will not erase it. For example, you could type aÃ'Â • 'Â • or puÃ'Â • Â ،, and thus' Â آتا' comes from the Russian alphabet. Typing these words usually results in *** and *****.

This page can help you.


Will I get this kickback?

Do I get one upside down and the other upside down and upside down?

To write backwards, just write a lowercase letter D, like in a dog. So this will be db. Hani, he has ears.

Backwards B

Backwards B

You wrote d

Backwards B

Backwards B

? - Ÿà - ¹ ¹ P× ŸnoÊÂ

Go D and P, LOL.

Wow, this is D for dog and P for cake. Alphabetical, lowercase only.

Backwards B