Backlink Or Backward Link

Backlink Or Backward Link

An inbound hyperlink from one web page to another web page. These links are important in determining the popularity (or importance) of your site.

Literal Meanings of Backlink Or Backward Link


Meanings of Backlink:
  1. Hyperlink to a webpage from an external website.

  2. Connect like this.


Sentences of Or
  1. He could have cancer, or he could be hit by a bus, or knows what else.


Meanings of Backward:
  1. Stands behind or past.

  2. (movement) In the opposite direction.

  3. (movement) In the direction opposite to normal.

  4. Indecision or inability to move forward.

  5. Culture: underdeveloped or uncomplicated.

  6. Deprecated.

  7. From the side of the field behind the battle line.

  8. Beyond the wavy fold then something else.

  9. Resistance to rain.

  10. To solve slow learning problems.

  11. Already past or past.

  12. (movement) In the opposite direction.

  13. In or in the past or past events.

  14. Through reflection.

  15. From a better state to a worse, as from honor to shame, from religion to sin.

Sentences of Backward
  1. They left without looking back.

  2. The random repulsion of the planets indicates that they revolve around the sun.

  3. Disabled child.

  4. Reverse season.

  5. Put your hands behind.

Synonyms of Backward

antediluvian, antiquated, overdue, backwards, historical, Third World, parachronistic, retrograde, developing, tardy, forepast


Meanings of Link:
  1. Communication between buses or systems.

  2. Combine compiler-generated objects into a single executable file.

Backlink Or Backward Link