Backlink (inbound Link, Incoming Link, External Link)

Backlink (inbound Link, Incoming Link, External Link)

A backlink is when another website adds a link from their website to your website. Backlinks have a major impact on the success of your website. They are extremely important for the ranking of your sites.

Literal Meanings of Backlink (inbound Link, Incoming Link, External Link)


Meanings of Backlink:
  1. Hyperlink to a web page from an external website.

  2. Join like this.


Meanings of Inbound:
  1. (Logistics) Cargo entry.

  2. Pass the ball within certain limits.

  3. Come in, come in.

Sentences of Inbound
  1. Smith sends the ball to Johnson.


Meanings of Link:
  1. Any intermediate rod or part for transmitting force or movement, in particular a short connecting rod with a bearing at each end, especially (in steam engines) a connecting rod or link, at the opposite ends of which eccentric rods are hinged and through which they move the valve. varies in shifting motion.

  2. Combine compiler-generated objects into a single executable file.


Meanings of Incoming:
  1. Certificate of arrival on arrival.

  2. The is on you.

  3. Come (or come soon) on your arrival.

  4. Continuity.

  5. A warning that something is coming your way, especially artillery .

Sentences of Incoming
  1. Tides cause perforations in many rivers.

  2. The new prime minister gave a press conference.


Meanings of External:
  1. (usually plural) External appearance or appearance.

  2. In the C programming language, a variable that is defined in the source code but has a value from an external source.

  3. Except something outside.

  4. Not the intrinsic or accidental essential that accompanies the superficial.

  5. A foreigner associated with or associated with a foreign country.

  6. Away from the mesial plane of the lateral body.

  7. Provided by something or someone outside the subject matter (object, group, company, etc.).

Sentences of External
  1. This building has multiple outdoor pipes.

  2. Foreign trade or commerce Foreign relations of a state or kingdom.

Backlink (inbound Link, Incoming Link, External Link)