Definition of Backhaul:

  1. Carry (freight) on a return journey.

  2. An unedited video transmission via satellite or other means to a network or station.

  3. Shipment sent on a returning vehicle.

  4. Cargo carried on a return journey.

  5. Return journey of a vehicle from its destination to its point of origin with a non-paying load (called backload) and/or paying load (called payload).

How to use Backhaul in a sentence?

  1. I was glad we were on the backhaul because it was a very long journey and I wanted to get home to my wife and go to sleep.
  2. The backhaul always goes faster, since the rigs running lighter and doesnt need to waste time at the weigh stations.
  3. After hauling eggs across two states the truck driver was asked to backhaul powdered eggs and milk on his return trip.

Meaning of Backhaul & Backhaul Definition