Back Shift

Back Shift,

How To Define Back Shift?

You can define Back Shift as, A group of workers or temporary workers who work in an industry or profession from noon to late at night, including day and night shifts.

Literal Meanings of Back Shift


Meanings of Back:
  1. Provide financial, material or moral support a.

  2. Walk or run backwards.

  3. Cover the back (of something) to support, protect or decorate it.

  4. Lie on your back or on your back.

  5. The posterior surface of the human body from the shoulders to the hips.

  6. An aspect or part of an object that is far from the viewer, or the direction in which it moves or turns back.

  7. A field player whose starting position is behind the front line.

  8. Behind or behind something

  9. (Especially salary or anything that has been posted or posted) in the past

Sentences of Back
  1. There is a journalistic empire that supports it

  2. I backed up and drove off on the highway

  3. Turtle shell mirror

  4. The tour takes you to many cafes

  5. Lying on his back

  6. There is a deserted garden behind the hotel.

Synonyms of Back

subsidize, sponsor, panel, previous, be a patron of, fund, to one's rear, earlier, move backwards, behind one, sweeper, out of date, act as guarantor of, rear side, interline, past, reverse, put a lining in, face, old, full back, rear, underwrite, drive backwards, back


Meanings of Shift:
  1. From one place to another, especially indoors.

  2. A slight change in position, direction or trend.

  3. Two or more recurring periods during which different groups of workers perform the same shift.

  4. Straight dress without waist for women. Long, loose underwear

  5. Clever or cunning device or trick.

Sentences of Shift
  1. I move my weight to the other leg

  2. Change of public opinion

  3. Night duty

  4. Today she was wearing a straight dress, no make-up, and was a little surprised to see her so comfortable and traditional.

  5. Thousands of layers and tools that Hanbal mastered

Synonyms of Shift

rearrange, lug, strategy, artifice, deception, trick, stratagem, transposition, dress, dodge, wile, expedient, subterfuge, transport, displace, scheme, bear, movement, device, stretch, transfer, take, transference, stint