Back matter

Back matter,

Definition of Back matter:

  1. The supplementary material which follows the main text in a book, such as the index, bibliography, appendices, etc.

  2. Appendix, bibliography, index, notes, and other pages included at the end of a book, after the front matter and the main text.

Synonyms of Back matter

PS, Parthian shot, Acknowledgments, Addendum, Afterthought, Appendix, Article, Back, Bastard title, Bibliography, Book, Catch line, Catchword, Chapter, Chorus, Clause, Coda, Codicil, Colophon, Conclusion, Consequence, Contents, Contents page, Continuance, Continuation, Copyright page, Dedication, Double take, Dying words, Endleaf, Endpaper, Endsheet, Envoi, Epilogue, Errata, Fascicle, Flyleaf, Folio, Follow-through, Follow-up, Fore edge, Foreword, Front matter, Gathering, Half-title page, Head, Imprint, Index, Inscription, Introduction, Last words, Leaf, Makeup, Number, Page, Paragraph, Parting shot, Passage, Peroration, Phrase, Postface, Postfix, Postlude, Postscript, Preface, Preliminaries, Recto, Refrain, Reverso, Running title, Second thought, Section, Sentence, Sequel, Sequela, Sequelae, Sequelant, Sequent, Sequitur, Sheet, Signature, Subscript, Subtitle, Suffix, Supplement, Swan song, Table of contents, Tag, Tail, Text, Title, Title page, Trim size, Type page, Verse, Verso

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