Back-end ratio

Back-end ratio,

Definition of Back-end ratio:

  1. One of the ratios used by lenders in judging an applicants capacity to pay back a home mortgage loan. Lower this ratio is, the better qualified the applicant is for the loan. Also called back ratio. See also front end ratio. Formula: (All other loan installments + Installment on the applied-for loan + Monthly-portion of estimated property taxes + Monthly-portion of home-insurance premium) ÷ Gross monthly income.

Meaning of Back-end ratio & Back-end ratio Definition

Back-End Ratio,

How To Define Back-End Ratio?

The definition of Back-End Ratio is: The back-end index, also called the debt ratio, is an index that shows how much a person's monthly income is spent to pay off debt. Total monthly debt includes expenses such as mortgage payments (principal, interest, taxes and insurance), credit card payments, repayment of debts and other debts.

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