Bachelor's degree

Bachelors degree,

Definition of Bachelors degree:

  1. The degree awarded on successful completion of a (university) undergraduate course.

  2. Post-secondary degree awarded to an individual after completion of undergraduate course work usually taking eight semesters and 120 credits to complete. Course work for bachelors degrees is done at the undergraduate level and is made up of general studies and major specific classes. Bachelors degrees are awarded in specific concentrations and are built on the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Fine Arts foundations. Individuals pursue bachelors degrees to further their education and career advancement. A bachelors degree may also be referred to as a baccalaureate.

How to use Bachelors degree in a sentence?

  1. It took her six years to get her bachelors degree in math and because of that she was not certain she wanted to get her masters.
  2. Colleges and universities award several different types of degrees; one of the most common, the bachelors degree , is typically awarded after spending four years of study.
  3. After five years of extensive study, Mona finally earned her Bachelors Degree in Biology, an undergraduate degree that allowed her to move on to her Associates Degree.

Meaning of Bachelors degree & Bachelors degree Definition