B-share variable annuity



  • A form of variable annual contract in which there is no explicit cost of sale, but if the contract expires, the owner pays a deferred sales fee (usually 5-7% in the first year, which is 5-7 years Comes to zero after). The most common form of annual agreement.



Meanings of B:
  1. Warehouse (s)

  2. Birth (used to indicate date of birth)

  3. Seventh note of C. large ditonic scale.

  4. (Used to record moves in chess) Bishop

  5. Black (used to describe the features of the pencil tip)

  6. (In private ad) Black.

  7. Bombardier (in the designation of the American aircraft type)

  8. The chemical element boron.

  9. Magnetic flux density


Meanings of SHARE:
  1. Sharing (something) with someone else.

  2. A portion or a portion of a large sum of money that is distributed to many people or it is donated by many people.

  3. One of the equivalent shares in which the company's capital is divided, thus a portion of the profits is reserved.

  4. Examples of posting or republishing content on apps or social networking sites.

Sentences of SHARE
  1. She shared the cake with him

  2. Under the proposal, investors will pay a higher proportion of the required annual fee.

  3. By 7:30 p.m., he had shared 25,000 likes on Twitter and 117 likes on Facebook.

Synonyms of SHARE

due, bit, allocation, ration, allotment, part, division, portion, quota, lot, measure, go halves with, allowance, divide, go halves in, split


Meanings of VARIABLE:
  1. An element, property or element that may vary or change.

  2. It is contradictory or a static pattern that changes.

  3. It can be edited or customized.

Sentences of VARIABLE
  1. There are many variables involved in making meaningful predictions

  2. The quality of hospital food varies greatly

  3. The speed of the variable in the drill

Synonyms of VARIABLE

unsettled, unstable, changing, inconstant, unfixed, chameleonic, fickle, varying, vacillating, undependable, temperamental, protean, fluid, unpredictable, changeable, mutable, uneven, kaleidoscopic, unreliable, inconsistent, volatile


Meanings of ANNUITY:
  1. Usually a certain amount is paid to someone for life every year.

  2. A type of insurance or investment that entitles the investor to a certain amount of money annually.

Sentences of ANNUITY
  1. Until 1999, the only option for retirees was an annual, fixed income for life.

  2. If investors want to invest most of their savings faster, they must invest in an annual amount.

  3. Equally, he is expected to draft a proposal with the aim of obtaining expensive pension insurance, which the company can no longer afford.

  4. If they want to save, they can do so and decide to spend money or buy a pension before retirement.

  5. Fixed annuals typically charge an annual administration fee of 30 30.

  6. When they retire, savers can choose to have a pension with a fixed or variable interest rate.

  7. When you get your tax-free capital tax refund, you usually need to make an annual purchase with the remaining funds.

  8. There may be a fixed rate on tax-exempt benefits or a variable product with sub-accounts.

  9. Beneficiaries can often convert an annual amount into an annual amount, but this will ignore, for example, a reduction in your health.

Synonyms of ANNUITY

financial support, expenses, grant, remittance, benefit, maintenance, subsistence, subsidy, consideration, pocket money, sum of money, stipend, pension, keep, upkeep, annuity, contribution, handout