Awareness (as A Stage Of The Buying Process)

Awareness (as A Stage Of The Buying Process)

This is one of the stages that the consumer goes through before purchasing, when a potential customer begins to seek solutions to their problems or satisfy their needs.

Literal Meanings of Awareness (as A Stage Of The Buying Process)


Meanings of Awareness:
  1. The state or level of consciousness in which an observer can validate sensory data.

  2. The state or quality of being aware of something.

Sentences of Awareness
  1. Gradually I went from sleep to consciousness.

  2. Awareness of one kind of idea naturally contributes to the awareness of another idea.


Meanings of As:
  1. To the same degree or degree to the same degree or degree.

  2. Considered relative to something else in a (established) relationship.

  3. For example, for example. (Compare as.).

  4. Introduce the basis of comparison with the object in an objective case.

  5. On paper.

  6. In the same way or to the same extent as to the same extent.

  7. At this time at the time when:.

  8. If so, consider that, because there is.

  9. The introduction of a comparison with a hypothetical state (+ the subjunctive or with the verb is omitted): as if, as if.

  10. It functions as a relative conjunction and sometimes as a relative pronoun: who, who, who. (See Usage Notes.).

  11. (possibly outdated) What.

  12. (unit of weight) Scales.

  13. One of many Roman coins minted in bronze and later in copper or equivalent.

Sentences of As
  1. Not as well made, but twice the price.

  2. 1865, The act of versus the of : a sermon.

  3. They are as big as houses.

  4. He was never considered a boss, but a friend.

  5. As you wish, sir!.

  6. Because it's too late, I stopped.

  7. He had the same problem as her, breaking the lock.


Meanings of A:
  1. The name of the Latin letter A/a.

  2. (crossword) by.

  3. To do with the position or direction In, on, above, past, towards, beyond.

  4. What to do with the division dance, dance.

  5. To do at any time, bye, by, by, bye.

  6. What to do with B, with the method.

  7. What to do with the role or ability.

  8. It has to do with In-State.

  9. To have to do with the process, with the passive verb In the process, to experience.

  10. To make with an action, the active verb is Involved.

  11. Do In, In in an action/move.

Sentences of A
  1. Do you have an answer for 23a?.

  2. Standing on your toes.

  3. To smithereens.

  4. I brush my teeth twice a day.

  5. Name of .

  6. John's name is Gaunt.


Meanings of Stage:
  1. Phase.

  2. A platform is a surface, usually elevated, on which performances or other public events are held.

  3. Floor or floor of the house.

  4. Technical floor for the comfort of plumbing, etc. of scaffolding.

  5. Platform, often floating, serving as a kind of dock.

  6. Stagecoach, closed horse-drawn carriage used for passenger transport.

  7. A recreation area on a regularly traveled road, a station, a place equipped for a platoon of horses.

  8. The of a road between multiple sections where the road or path is limited by the distance between two road rest areas.

  9. Electronic circuit block number, for example. B. filter, amplifier, etc.

  10. The place in the microscope where the slide will be viewed.

  11. A level is one of the successive areas that make up the game.

  12. A place where something is displayed to the public or where a well-known event takes place.

  13. A succession of rock strata deposited at the same age on a geologic time scale.

  14. Go on stage, put on a play.

  15. Demonstrate misleadingly.

  16. Organize a performance.

  17. Configuration in preparation for use.

  18. Determine which stage (disease, etc.) has passed.

Sentences of Stage
  1. Completion of an identifiable maintenance step, such as B. removing an aircraft engine for repair or storage.

  2. The band returned to the stage for an encore.

  3. The podium stopped in town and took the payroll of a factory and three ladies.

  4. Stage ten miles.

  5. 3-stage second-order Butterworth bandpass filter.

  6. He put the slide on the podium.

  7. How do you pass flying creatures in the third stage?.

  8. The local theater company will perform Pride and Prejudice.

  9. The seller's demo of the new air purifier was staged to look very impressive.

  10. There will be a demonstration in the square on Monday.

  11. We got the cars ready and waited for the starter to lower the flag.

Synonyms of Stage



Meanings of Of:
  1. Schedule to attend, attend or participate.

  2. It is used as an interrogative verb before a pronoun to form an interrogative tag, reflecting the prior use of have as an auxiliary or, in some cases, as a main verb. (See the English questions in the appendix for more details.).

  3. (obsolete outside Ireland) Speak (language).

  4. Greet someone as a guest.

Sentences of Of
  1. I asked my father if I could go to the concert this Thursday, but he couldn't see it because it was a school afternoon.

  2. I found an excuse to stay out so late, but my wife didn't mind.

  3. Thanks for accepting me!.

  4. Carefully time your closing arguments on Thursday, and by noon the jury will have a case.


Meanings of Buying:
  1. To obtain (something) in exchange for money or goods.

  2. Received as a result of a sacrifice.

  3. Bribery.

  4. Equal to value.

  5. Accept faith as truth.

  6. Doing shopping or shopping, partying (eating).

  7. Bluff, usually a big bluff.

  8. Act of purchase.

Sentences of Buying
  1. I will buy my father something nice for his birthday.

  2. I bought material comfort by giving up my dream.

  3. He tried to bribe me with gifts, but I did not give up my faith.

  4. The dollar is not bought as much as before.

  5. I won't buy your excuses again!.

  6. Let's eat. I buy.

  7. Smith tried to buy the on the river with a powerful bluff.


Meanings of Process:
  1. A set of processes used to produce a product, most commonly used in the food and chemical industries.

  2. Movie in development.

Awareness (as A Stage Of The Buying Process)