Aviation Exclusion Rider

Aviation Exclusion Rider,

What Does Aviation Exclusion Rider Mean?

Reduces life insurance premiums for high-risk pilots excluding aircraft coverage

Literal Meanings of Aviation Exclusion Rider


Meanings of Aviation:
  1. Pilot or fly a plane.

Sentences of Aviation
  1. Aviation industry

  2. It's easy to see why the wreckage is of such interest to the Museum of Shipbuilding and Aviation.

  3. The aerospace industry is one of the most exciting and growing fields of engineering.

  4. It was one of the most exciting events in the history of aviation during the Pacific War.

  5. A small part of my flight starts to go down and ends when you get off the runway.

  6. The aircraft has an unparalleled aviation safety record.

  7. He fell victim to the stubborn, powerful and wealthy airline industry lobby.

  8. So, what happened to the helicopter that aviation experts consider one of the safest helicopters to fall from the sky on a sunny July afternoon?

  9. This is just the first step in reviving our struggling aviation industry.

  10. The aviation industry will have to pay for the environmental damage it causes.

  11. You have to see, but Scotland still has a place in the global civil aviation industry.

  12. The aviation industry is constantly evolving and the future looks uncertain.

Synonyms of Aviation

aerial navigation, air transport, aeronautics, flying


Meanings of Exclusion:
  1. The act or condition of an exception or exceptions.

  2. Goods or risks are not specifically covered by insurance policies or other agreements.

  3. Especially losing something.

Sentences of Exclusion
  1. Their arrest, eviction and evacuation are in complete or partial contradiction to these words.

  2. Unable to see the area on its own, only the exit area remains, difficulty moving.

  3. In the case of economic and economic exclusion, no economic system can be imposed morally.

  4. He said the punishments included in the letter could range from imprisonment to permanent pardon.

  5. I don't know if it's a matter of social privilege or gender exclusion or both.

  6. Second, your emissions will not be affected in terms of quality or quantity.

  7. This results in a slowdown in growth and an outflow of young workers seeking jobs, borrowing or starting their own businesses.

  8. Finally, the parties do not give verbal or written notice of the trade exemption.

Synonyms of Exclusion

debarment, embargo, ruling out, ban, prohibition, factoring out, throwing out, keeping out, ejection, debarring, removal, banning, disbarring


Meanings of Rider:
  1. A person who walks or can ride anything, especially a horse, bicycle, motorcycle or snowboard.

  2. A condition or booking that was requested or requested.

  3. Adding or modifying a document, especially in the legal process.

  4. A small load on the balance beam for fine adjustment.

Sentences of Rider
  1. He is a talented knight

  2. The store provides saddles, boots and other riding equipment for riders on the South Florida circuit.

  3. When he thinks he's OK, he's the best man in the race again.

  4. Race now wants to improve her mount and hopes to become one of the best dresser rides.

  5. Christopher dreams of becoming a professional motorcyclist and has been driving since he was five years old.

  6. What does it feel like to compete with the best young drivers in the world?

  7. Elaine Castillo is the best runner-up apprentice with 62 wins, enough to finish 10th in the jockey standings.

  8. When the driver passed, Clyde relaxed and headed out onto the road.

  9. Motorcyclists perform barefoot stunts as in the past.

  10. Adkins later pointed out that the top 50 radio drivers earn about half a million dollars a year.

  11. He loves motorcycles and is a professional off-road rider.

  12. Former mountain biker Miguel Martنیnez occasionally offers the only really bright spot along the mountain channel.

Synonyms of Rider

horsewoman, qualifications, horse rider, provisions, accompaniment, addendum, contingencies, extension, rider, caveats, stipulations, provisos, obligations, limitations, riders, appendage, limits, restrictions, requirements, constraints, jockey, adjunct, prerequisites, reservations, extra